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5 Small Business ideas with low investment

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5 Small Business ideas with low investment

1. Catering services 


In this one of the best business blogs we have added catering services. Catering is a single-man or group business which provides food services to various sites like hostels, events, hospital, ship, weddings, and studio. A single person is enough to run it on a small scale while if you make it large by having a team of cooks. Catering service not only involves providing food services but also includes sales and venue setup and is in latest business trends. If you have skill in cooking, then it is the perfect business for you in this one of the best entrepreneur blogs.


2. House painting


Have you ever painted a house? I did! I’ve always enjoyed painting; it’s a fun activity if you have a heart for paints and color’s. I gathered a few of my friends and we painted my room together. This can be an ideal business idea for you if you love painting. But, painting a house isn’t simply about taking a paint brush and applying it on the wall, you need to know sanding and cleaning the surface prior to painting so that your paint sticks fast to the wall properly and you make it a success Go for it! It is one of the best small business blogs. If you live in Manipur then you can look for more small business ideas in Manipur as well.


3. Makeup Consultant


If you are creative and love having flexibility in a job then you can take a stab on it. You need to have a good knowledge about Make-up techniques and products and tact are involved in this online business blog. Your primary responsibility is to recommend appropriate cosmetic, skin-care and makeup products. You can start it independently from a home setting. But, you need to have expertise in your skill and have a thorough knowledge about different skin types and suitable products. You can also make it a retail business by specializing in marketing and selling your products to your ideal clients and expand your service by widening your network. You be a man or a woman–if you have a skill in it my friend, you give it a shot! 


4. Smartphone Repairing


No matter in which corner of the planet you live, everybody requires a cell phone repairer. So, establishing a cell phone business is very profitable. The basic requirement to initiate this business is to have necessary tools, knowledge about how a cell phone functions, skills to operate and a storefront.  Having your own store puts you in authority and strengthens the trust of your customers in your business in this business blogs India.


5. Freelance writing


 Did you ever get up to bundles of questions piled up inside your head regarding a freelance writing business? You heard of it but don’t know how to get started freelance writing. A freelance writer is one who writes for one or more clients at the time and gets paid per piece of work in return. Choose any suitable freelance writing job–be it for a magazine, a blog, website, but the most essential requirement is to have excellent writing skills and a body of work. The more diversity you show in your writing the more you grow the possibility to attract high paying clients and more likely you are to be recommended and promoted by your clients for giving them excellent service.

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